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Hollywood Cracked Is my attempt to bugger up the story line of every movie that I can think of. If you can add to this list, then I would be more than happy to add any contributions that you submit. This site is currently under construction, but will hopefully grow to become mighty comprehensive as I add more listings.

The Internet Movie Database is a complete list of films on the internet with an incredible amount of detail. There are lists of ALL cast and support staff for the making of any film, hyperlinks to soundtracks, goofs, plot, locations, technical reports, trivia, critics views. In some cases, you even get samples, and lists of frequently asked questions. This site is HUGE, and a MUST for any movie buff! Infact, at the time of writing this, I cannot think of much that you won't find out about a film from this site. I think it's wonderful!

This site has been described as bitterly sarcastic and Fabulously funny. It is a view of films from a different perspective. For example, you must have seen the simple movie chase a million times, have you ever wondered why:
Chasees will always stop to throw obstacles (trash cans, lumber, chairs) in their pursuers' way. No matter that they take three times as long to dump the obstacles as it takes the chasers to simply jump over them.
There are pages of these and many many other observations that will make you sit and giggle. The Movie Cliches List should keep you entertained for quite a while with it's irreverent look at Hollywood at it's pathetic WORST!!

For those of you who are avid movie fans and conisseurs, another absolute must is Hollywood Online, it has been filled to the brim with film reviews, sounds, pictures, and even online movie viewing! You can download trailers, view peoples comments, and completely immerse yourself in the world of imagination that Hollywood has provided. There is a "what's New" section, and topical discussions, such as your opinions on who should win, who shouldn't win, or indeed, who has one the Oscars! It should provide you with a nice little assault on your senses.

Next, I have to include a web site that is starting to grow hugely in popularity. It is the Empire Magazine online web page. It is full of film reviews, film trivia, up to date Hollywood gossip, and it even allows you to leave your comments on these subjects for others to browse. The last time I looked, it had a humourous section on "choose which Hollywood stud you want to see with breasts" So far they have had Bruce Willis and Christian Slater, and believe me, they looked pretty tasty! It is updated either weekly or fortnighly, and is a "MUST NOT MISS" page for any movie enthusiast.

A nice little site with a real comprehensive look at the James Bond, his movies, cars, gadgets, women, villians and a few other nice things including a really comprehensive list of links to other 007. It also has links to each film so that you can completely immerse yourself in Bond stuff.

As I seem to have so many film related links, I thought it was about time that I provide a link to an image that has got as many detracters as admirers. I will now formally admit in public that I enjoyed Reservoir Dogs. All the people who slammed it seemed to be missing the point. Other than a slightly questionable sequence where a policeman sorta' gets his ear cut off to music (gotta' laugh), it had very little real violence. Ok, so there was some blood, but you get heaps of violence in Ren and Stimpy, and I don't hear any three year olds complaining!? The Reservoir Dogs Home Page has a shitload of pictures, sounds and scripts, plus other links to related subjects including Quinten Tarantino interviews, and FAQ files. All I can say, is.........ENJOY!