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So, you may actually be wondering what this whole page is about.
It is a list of my favourite subjects with links. The first of these is probably blatantly obvious from the top left hand corner of this page. I have the great pleasure of introducing you to Steve's Arsenal Football Club Links Arseweb by they way has recently been voted the #1 WWW soccer site, while the Carling Pages have also been highly praised after being recently voted amongst the top 5 percent of all net sites. I will also attempt to keep the page updated with the most recent Arsenal Match Report .

As a little hint, if you see this "EYE" next to a selection, then I feel you would be a complete dickhead not to look at the site!! GODDIT?

The next link I have for you is to the Weekend Warrior, he has gone to a lot of trouble to include almost every conceivable utility in his links. They include the latest Netscape and Microsoft browsers, Worldwide Yellow Pages, virus software, device drivers and a heap of other both useful and entertaining stuff. If you are short of some internet utilities, or are simply interested in the weather, then I thoroughly recommend this site!

For those amongst you who have never been to Universal Studios, this is a unique opportunity to see what all the hype has been about. You no longer have to wonder what the heck the "Backlot Tour" is, or whether the "Back To the Future Ride" is just bullshit... Not only are you given the opportunity to explore The Hill, but you can download short movies of the rides and attractions, so that you too can experience the thrills and spills for yourself.
For those of you who have already visited The Hill, you can re-capture those wonderful memories with pictures of the "Psycho" house, "Jaws", "King Kong" and who knows, maybe something that you forgot to take a snap of. At the same time, you can find out what Hollywood is planning for our future's including information on the NEW "Waterworld" attraction. I have not had enough time to explore this site fully, but from what I have seen so far, it is "packed-to-the-rafters" with goodies!!

Once again, the international guided tour continues... This time, we take in Disneyland, the home of some of our favourite childhood characters. The benefits of this web sight are that it not only includes a map of Disneyland, but it also includes pages for all eight worlds. Each world has it's attractions described including ages of children allowed on the attractions, any health risks, ie, strobing light, or unsafe for children under certain ages. It also (in some cases) includes ride times transport instructions weather reports, cafe's, souvenir shops, and a couple of videos of the attractions.
It is basically the most comprehensive Disneyland travel brochure you will find anywhere, with some wonderful multi-media enhancements!

The Telstra WWW White and Yellow Pages are simply wonderful! I am one of the people who can't stand the paper version even being in my home, but when I came upon this site, I was impressed BIG TIME. If you do a business search, the directory will find the company, and also give yo0u a UBD reference. If you click on the "MAP" link, it will show you a little UBD section for the business you have done the search on. Ahhhhh, thank goodness for Australian imagination! Finally, I can actually say something good about Telstra. That must be a first!!

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