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Post #1  Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 4:47 pm 
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Some notes ...
Several people have asked the same or very similar questions regarding the new forum.
Here is a (not yet completed) list of things that are either being fixed or will be fixed or may be fixed.

** Not everything will be fixable in the immediate future and some things might not be fixable at all **

Things to do (In no particular order):

Make it so there is a link to "Last Post Read" or "Get New Post" to make navigation easier.

Adjust the Quote (or reply) function so it only quotes the last posters message and not their entire message containing previous quotes.

Reduce the amount of white lines between posts.
- Partially done

Have the post numbers shown (If possible) - Done

Fix the Avatars not displaying sometimes - Fixed

Make it so users can see what other members are doing (Replying, reading, Etc) - Added

Remove the subject line on each post. - Done

Spellchecker - Firefox has a built in spell checker - Internet Explorer users can use IESpell which adds a spellchecker to all text boxes in IE and not just this forum.
- Added built in spell checker

Make it so signature lines use a smaller text and are white only (or convince members to please adhere to this reasonable request)

Change the font sizing and colours to make it look neater and the same in Internet Explorer and Firefox, Safari, etc - This may be ongoing - and although better, it is not finished yet.

Note: If you notice the forum font has changed size, or is boldface, has errors, etc, etc - just wait 30 seconds and press refresh - it merely means that the fonts are being adjusted.
There is no need to post messages ("What happened to the font", "Hey it's big now", "nope - small again", "too small now", "I liked it the 'old way" etc, etc ) to bring it to anyones attention as it means it is being worked on at that very moment. Just wait a little while and press refresh.

New feature: Users can now click a members avatar or their name on the left to see their profile instead of looking it up manually. This works in Firefox and Internet Explorer. This is added functionality that PhpBB doesn't come with.


I have done a few workarounds.

1) There is a new link at the bottom left that says: "Gooners Online - Click to see what Everyones Doing"
- When you click it, it shows everyone who is online and exactly what they are doing. Reading, replying, etc and in what area.
It's not the italic thingy, but it's close.

2) Now when you click "Enter Message" and create a message, if you click submit, (without previewing), when the next window comes up, it has the same two options.

This message has been submitted successfully.

View your submitted message
Return to the forum last visited

If you click the second option, "Return to the forum last visited", you will be returned to the page you came from instead of going to the forum index (Which was the stupid default option)

Although "Return to the forum last visited" may appear to work for "Fast Reply" and after you have previewed a message, note that all it is doing is going back 2 steps in browser history so it may take you an extra step further back.

Thus, it works fine if you click enter message and then click submit.

If the page you just came from was the last page, you will NOT see your message
(rest assured it will be there - just press refresh to see it)

If you are on the last page and post a message, just click submit and wait 3 seconds or press
View your submitted message.

This feature is handy if you are in the middle of the forum somewhere and wish to make a comment. You can send a message, then click the second option and return to where you were instead of losing your place.

If you do not click an option within the 3 seconds, it will view your posting instead.

If you click "Fast Reply" , then type a message, as long as you preview it before clicking submit, when you press " Return to the forum last visited", you will be returned to where you left off correctly.

So it's :

Enter Message, submit, then " Return to the forum last visited " = back to where you were previously.


Fast Reply, Preview, submit, then " Return to the forum last visited" = back to where you were previously.

Updated: I have manually recalculated everyones post counts from the old forum.
Users posts counts now reflect the new postings in here plus the previous postings from the original forum.

New Feature:
I have made it so that when links are posted now they no longer open in the same window (Stupid default behaviour). Instead, a new window opens thus keeping your original page where you were on the initial screen.
This should help users keep track of where they were and also aid in keeping members logged in if anyone still has issues with getting logged out.
This will only apply to *new* links and not previous links that have been posted previously.

New Feature:
Users can now click the Large "Arsenal Supporters Forum " Picture at the top to go to the main forum index.

New Feature:
Clicking the picture of Steve at the top right takes you to the last post made in the Supporters Forum (this thread).

New Feature:
Clicking the words "Next Fixture" at the top takes you to's web page. (In a new Window)


Removed stupid "You can do this, You cannot do that" crap (forum rules) from the bottom right
Replaced with a Search box - There's a better one at the top too - Colour needs fixing though during a search.
Neatened up the top part
Neatened the bottom part
Cleaned tables
Removed line from Member profile and avatar section
Removed "Go to top" from the left panel (Useless really)
Thinned lines out a little
Added : "Gooners browsing this forum:" to the top as well as the bottom
Removed "Author" and "Topic" from the top (Useless)
Condensed all fields
Moved page numbering (Pagination) to the middle at the top and aligned it neatly at the bottom right

Added: This Forum now features post numbers.

Post numbers for all posts have been added (Manually coded I might add) to all posts. They are located above each post and increment from 1 in every thread.

These numbers can be copied to the clipboard when you click the number so users can cut and paste and send links or requote them in messages now.
This will take users straight to that post.

You merely click the post number you want, when it appears (already highlighted), just right click it and click copy. Then paste it in as a link anywhere you wish.

EG: Ritchies post

New Features:
Added : Spelling checker for Internet Explorer Users and Firefox users.

A built in online spelling checker has been added.

Currently only US English is supported. They may be supporting other languages in the future.
This might not be available for very long - This add on is under test only

It only works (for now) when using the "Fast Reply" feature at the bottom. Not in any other area.
So, it does not work in Personal messages, email, or the normal "Enter Message" area.

It may disappear at any time !

If it adds advertising, it will go.
If it slows down the forum, it will go.
If it poses a security risk, it will go.
If it can be replaced by a local hack (mod), it will go.

I may not be able to make it available elsewhere but I will try.

It may become unavailable temporarily due to testing for other areas. Press refresh if it seems to disappear.

If you do not see the new spelling checker, press Shift Refresh to requery the page headers from the remote server which will invoke this new toy.
Remember, it only appears in the "Fast Reply" box at the bottom.

New feature:
Added : "Go to Page" facility.

Users can now click "Go to page" at the top or bottom and select any of the forum pages to go directly there.

This is handy or when there are many pages and will save multiple clicking to go back to a particular page that isn't bookmarked.
You just click it, type in a page number, and it will go straight there.

Both of these work in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Known faults, 'Bugs'. and other anomalys

Occasionally, Avatars won't be displayed - pressing refresh should reveal them again.
Fixed: I have added a patch so the Avatars are displayed everytime now.
I rewrote a new file grabber based on the header download time which uses the Pragma: command for caching.

Sometimes, a php error occurs when a message is submitted - this can be ignored - the message will still go thru.

When members make a posting, it can only return to the index of the thread or the posting that was just made.
Partial Fix: I made a link to go back 2 pages to where a post started for now.

Post #2  Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2008 4:35 pm 
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Joined: Tue Jan 01, 2008 5:38 pm
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Additional notes:

- This server is faster and should have a much better up time. It is based in the USA.

- There is virtually unlimited space and bandwidth available.

- I will add a new, larger font size after I have finalised (finalized ? ;-) the current 'skin' ...

- Some mods or 'hacks' will be added- A calendar function, chat room, etc at a later stage.
- Added - chatroom
- You can now directly upload pictures to this new forum without using the remote url thingy that everyone hated so much.
- Pics can be uploaded straight from your computer now.

- Email accounts (like warrior @ ) are free and are full pop3 accounts that can be used with any mail program.
- They don't get 'spam', are never given to anyone, are a really cool address, and are ideal for emailing between other forumites.

- I will try and remove the few extra lines in this forum so it more closely resembles the old forum.

- Users who don't like avatars can turn them off in their User account control panel (top right)
- Users who don't like smilies can turn them off in their User account control panel (top right)
- Users who don't like attachments can turn them off in their User account control panel (top right)
- Users who don't like Pictures can turn them off in their User account control panel (top right)

- A cool trick is to enable automatic popups when you receive a personal message. (User account control panel)

- If members are getting emails from the forum due to being 'subscribed" to the forum, this is because they have submitted a post and by default the forum sends them an email when a new posting is made.
These come in after you have posted a message as it automatically subscribes you to that thread.
To disable it, go to "User account control panel", Click "Board preferences" then » Edit posting defaults
Set "Notify me upon replies by default:" to No.
If it sends another one, just unsubscribe from it using it's link.

If members are getting logged off or have to log back in occasionally, :
Click tools, internet options, then under the general tab, click settings (Or browsing history)
- Click delete cookies
- Close internet explorer, reopen it, log back into the forum, click "Log me on automatically each visit"
- It is just your web browser remembering an old 'cookie' which is invalid for your last session.

- You can edit messages now that have been posted and even personal messages sent to other users as long as they haven't read them yet.

- If you post a picture, you can set it so it displays at the bottom (default) or click 'inline' to have it display within the message. By clicking on the forum area where it is located, or it's name, it takes you straight to it.

- Flash files are supported now also.

- This forum can now send emails directly to other users without having a mail program

- You can create friends and enemies ( - Pffft - as if !) lists in your control panel now.

- You can subscribe to different forums now (Eg: you can be emailed when someone posts a rumour on the rumour mill) so you won't miss out on the latest goss ...

- Users can create bookmarks of favourite forum areas - in the Control panel (top right)

- You can create, edit and save drafts for later posting from the control panel.

- You can manage all your pictures and attachments that you have uploaded via control panel, editing them or removing them - Click "Manage attachments"

- You can add lots of stuff to your profile (which adds things below your posts that you make)
- if anyone knows what the devil a jabber thingy is, then your doing better than me.

- Private messages, as well as posts, can have pictures, attachments (up to 2 megabytes) plus smilies
added to them. These can be disabled at the bottom for that post / message or for all items (control panel)

- You can store 5000 messages in 10 different folders now.

- Email accounts have 250 meg of space (That's lots ! )

- There are many options for personal message now (Automatically moving to designated folders, bouncing messages when the inbox is full , etc)

- If you don't wish to view someones postings, add them to your "Foes list" in control panel.

- Important announcements will 'popup' in a window (Best I can tell anyway) when one is sent.
- EG: Next game, injuries, etc ...

- Steves other web pages are back up now - Hyperlinked Designs, Hollywood Cracked, more ..
- If anyone has any pictures, stories, etc to share, if they were to send them to me, I will add them to a memorial page I am creating.

- I am aware of a temporary php error some users may get when posting in certain areas - PhpBB are aware of this error and are creating a fix - it has no effect on your posting / message though.

- It is not possible to import the old thread from the previous forum - it is too large, a different format and I think contains errors. The same is for the passwords and messages. I can update peoples post counts when the other forum is stopped for those who wish though.
Updated: Post counts updated now

- You can add Colour to your posts / messages now ...

More notes are being added all the time ...

You can also visit

Post #3  Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 8:25 pm 
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Joined: Tue Jan 01, 2008 5:38 pm
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Location: ɹǝpu∩uʍop

The original forum was running off my home computers and net connection which gets subject to down time.
So, if I ever moved, changed Isp, rebuilt that machine etc ... the forum will vanish. (It does around 650 meg / day in bandwidth also)

The old forum was beginning to show cracks also - spam bots, edit function not going, no longer updateable, poorly supported, fewer features, etc. These are just due to the age of it's software.

This new forum is much better due to it's support basis, plus the server should have superior uptime and be faster. Updating should be easier, plus with this domain name, other features become available. (Email, ftp, etc ..)

There are more features with this new forum but they can be turned off (mostly) for those who don't wish to use them.

It was never meant to run on my home setup here and was always destined to run under a proper domain name.

Post #4  Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2008 5:56 am 
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Hi all.

I have made a change to the ever loved quoting function within the forum.

You no longer need to edit any messages (unless you are so inclined) and you can now let the forum do this for you automatically.

It will auto truncate the previous quotes to 2 messages, plus your new message. This will save members getting confused and having broken quotes (and will also give LTG a break).

New messages that are requoted will automatically be 'fixed' so there will no longer be long trails of quoting. This will take effect on new messages from now on.

Thanks to Exiled for the suggestion.

Tech stuff: Message_Parser modified removing default error message and auto truncating to 2 quotes maximum.
* This is added functionality that the original forum could not do. Tested - ok.

Rog ..

Post #5  Posted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 7:11 pm 
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Hi all

I have added a new toy at the top right of the forum.

It tells how many people are online at any given time and if you click on it, what country they are from and time zone, etc.

Unlike a counter, it shows in real time how busy the site is. It has a map system on it and a few other goodies.

One of the other toys it has is a plugin for Firefox which sits in the bottom of the web browser and shows how many users are on the forum, even whilst visiting other web sites.

Firefox Plugin or click - it's the widget second from the right.

If you install the plugin, (Just click the above link in Firefox and restart it), add this code to it: tct6bnow

in the properties of the add-in.

You will now see how many people are on the forum in real time when you are running Firefox. No one needs to install this code if they don't want, it's just a neat toy.

You can just click the widget at the top for current stats.

Rog ...

Post #6  Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:36 pm 
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*New Forum Feature

I have added all the Arsenal Players as 'members' here so you will see when it is one of their birthdays. It is only to show how old they are and what country they hailed from and when they joined Arsenal.

You cannot interact with them via Posting, Email, PM, etc nor will they ever post (Obviously). A birthday reminder will appear on their birthday with their team number and age.

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