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Post #1  Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 6:24 pm 
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Post #2  Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 6:54 am 
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Jul 24 2005, 09:00 AM

Dear Cuz –

I have often thought that you underestimate the importance of the Arsenal website & forum you created to its users.

So to prove the point I sent an email to some forum users asking if any of them wanted to write a note about their enjoyment of your forum. I have long realised that some regarded the forum as an essential part of their support for Arsenal, but even I was shocked by the sheer volume and depth of feeling expressed in them.

It is obvious from their replies that the impact your forum has on users is much more than ‘enjoyment’. It plays a genuinely important part in many of their lives. Moreover, this wasn’t simply the view of a few internet geeks with too much time on their hands, but was expressed by people from a broad range of walks of life, all of whom wanted to craft a heartfelt letter to explain what the forum meant to them.
If you type almost any first name followed by “Gleiber” into google you get a googlewhack… when you type “Steve Gleiber” into google you get 700 hits (which as you may already know is twice as many hits as you get when searching for “big and bouncy boobs”) and when you visit your homepage the hit counter shows that there have already been a massive two million viewings of your site.

Any website which has generated years of loyalty from its users and has received over a million hits in the past year alone is obviously doing something right. Your ingenuity and perseverance have made the site, and especially the forum, an enormous success. However, the forumites’ letters testify that the volume of interest is only one dimension for measuring its success. Another is the human dimension. It seems strange that a website could impact on ‘real’ life, yet it is the single most consistent thing that forumites wrote about; the tangible way your forum has affected their everyday life.
Jul 24 2005, 09:00 AM

... known on the web by his handle Nobby the Moose, died March 16th 2005, aged 41.
Few people live life with more verve than Steve. He had an effortless generosity of spirit that resulted in him becoming engulfed by friendships. His funeral was attended by hundreds and hundreds more from across the globe have posted condolences.
There was nothing that Steve couldn’t find the funny side of. Even when he was dying of brain cancer, he told me that it was such a pity that doctors couldn’t do a brain transplant as his much loved father, had an 'unused' one. He was not only a loving & affectionate person but a passionate Arsenal fan. When he lived in England he went to every single home/away match and in the 80s he was the match reporter for Gunflash. He told me about an away game he went to where the fog was so thick that they couldn’t see even yards in front of them, when he got home he sat down and completely made up the match report.
Steve Gleiber
(1963 – 2005)

In 1996 when selling books over the internet was still considered to be a mad idea, Steve set up a website for Arsenal fans – ten years on the concept of weblogs have finally caught up with his vision.His site and especially the forum on it are one of the most effective and popular fanzines on the internet.

Over 2 million people have visited it. A thousand fans post every week.
The quality of postings, discussions and debate remains high and it is used by thousands from all professions and walks of lives.
As Steve’s sister said, he in turn was truly loved, respected and admired by so many spanning the globeOne of his dying wishes was for the community to continue and it is of course our honour to ensure that it will.
A few months ago we asked forumites if they wanted to send in letters on what the forum had come to mean to them and how it had become integrated into their lives.
We received so many long and heartfelt replies that we bound them into a leather book and presented it to Steve.
I know from his family that he treasured this.
He was a devoted Arsenal fan.
He leaves behind a community of thousands who know themselves as SG Gooners (Steve Gleiber Gooners) and a web-based legacy that will outlast us all.
We love you Steve.
Rob Keve

Post #3  Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 6:55 am 
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The forumites range from students to pensioners, include everything from charity workers to racetrack owners and span the globe from Uganda to Ruislip.

Behind the forum’s daily debate, celebration, diagnosis and trading of insults the forumites describe how

… for most of them it has become a habit, a part of their daily routine to which they are unrepentant addicts

… for many the frequency of their discussions and the passion with which they debate means that is has gone from being a posting board to being a real community, a community of which they feel a part and through which they have made true friends

… for some in remote countries or unaccommodating areas it is their only way of creating an umbilical cord to Arsenal and reversing their excommunication from the religion of football

… for others who lack gooner (and hence true) friends or don’t have an understanding family it is their place to share joy and seek consolation

… some use it to share their life milestones and still others have turned to it in times of need

… it has been life affecting - when being used for getting a ticket and transport to go to someone’s first ever game. Life improving – as it offers the deaf and disabled a means of supporting alongside the able. Even life changing – when a forum introduction leads to marriage …

If that isn’t touching people’s lives, then what is?
… and that is why there are hundreds out there who now call themselves
“SG Gooners”.
I hope you draw strength from this book.

Here are the letters from just a few of them …

Some of the things they said - (More contributions are HERE)

“…and so we went to the big city to watch the team we all adore and all because you created this wonderful site that has changed our lives in a way you can never fully appreciate…”

“…and the family’s eyes glaze over so the forum is truly a refuge…”

“…My job would be a disaster without the forum…”

“…the only solace left for me is to read others views and opinions and to share their pain…”

“…it’s like a replacement office for me…”

“…I think you have changed something in our lives and brought in something special…”

“…My day starts with the newspaper, breakfast and a visit to your website and ends with another visit to the forum before going to bed…”

“…and that is when the board took off for me as a soap opera…”

“…logging on to the forum is now as much as a necessity to me as answering a call of nature…”

“…Steve's site is known in Singapore as a valuable source of info and entertainment about our great club…”

“…it helped me feel that I’m not the only one, which is important, particularly as I am deaf…”

“…being in Ukraine, the forum is my link to Arsenal worldwide…”

“…I spend longer on the forum than I hope my employer will ever know…”

“…one of my joys in life…”

“…I became a very proud father when my son posted on the forum…”

“…when I go on holiday I search for the local internet café to get my forum fix – I tell my wife I have to check my important work emails remotely…”

“…I still don’t know why we do it…”

“…the forum has been of great help to me in recovering from my car accident…”

“…at first I was amazed by the sheer variety of nonsense spouted…”

“…from all strata of society regardless of age, sex or creed…”

“…and I access it 20 to 40 times a day…”

“…the next script I write will have a character called Steve Gleiber…”

“…I’ve read the site in the Himalayas…”

“…it has bought people together through our love of Arsenal…”

“…and I was hooked…”

“…has touched my life…”

“…there can be no nobler effort than that which brings people together like this…”
“…"Was it Steve Gleiber's site?" my friend replied…”

“…started talking to this bird now she is now my wife…”

“…every time I am online I click on your site and copy it to word to print out and read later…”

“…so it probably saved my marriage…”

“…immense achievement to create something that has lasted this long so successfully…”

“…it is a virtual, global, friendly pub…”

“…helped keep me sane in the otherwise lunatic public sector…”

“…it is cosy and friendly and reminds me of my neighbourhood ‘Kopitiam’ in Singapore where my friendly neighbours came together for a nice chit-chat and a cup of coffee…”

“…there only be one Stevie G…”

“… filled a big void in my Arsenal Life…”

“…giving me this "getaway" from my often mundane life…”

“…my preferred method of procrastination…”

“… who was kind enough to get me tickets my first live game at Highbury I will never forget the game and the atmosphere. I almost cried with joy…”

“…it made my new life in a foreign country a little bit easier…”

“…My father is also now hooked to the forum…”

“…a community in every sense of the word…”

“…only the forum has renewed my obsession…”

“…had me in stitches…”

“…I don’t have a TV here, so I am depending on the forum to keep me posted…”

“…keeps me happy after a hard day…”

“…Nobby the Moose has an enormous presence, gets the party started, is the DJ with the mostest who pushes the platters and cranks up the volume…”

“…a clearing house for ideas…”

“…making a huge difference to thousands of us…”

“…brilliant place to share one’s feelings…”

“…verbal duels, insightful debate or share our joy at the birth of a New Gooner or passing of an Older one…”

“…amazingly human board…”

“…we all genuinely care about one another yet our sole contact with one another is over a keyboard ...”

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