Classic Goal

Every now and then, I shall be choosing a goal that I feel could surely only be described as a "CLASSIC ARSENAL GOAL"

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    Classic Goal 1
    Classic Goal.  Anders Limpar 20/04/92
    Date:20th of April 1992
    Scorer:Anders Limpar
    Game:Arsenal v Liverpool
    Type:Superb long chip
    Format:Zipped AVI file
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    0n the 20th of April 1992 Liverpool came to Highbury and were simply creamed by Arsenal in a wonderful display. The third goal in a 4-0 drubbing was scored by ANDERS LIMPAR. Anders collects the ball in the Arsenal half, takes about fifteen paces, and lets loose a chip from at least 40 yards that leaves Liverpool goalie Hooper flapping his arms aimlessly in the air. Ah, the joy..............

    Classic Goal 2
    Classic Goal.  Liam Brady 23/12/78
    Date:23rd of December 1978
    Scorer:Liam Brady
    Game:Tottenham v Arsenal
    Type:25 yard Curling Shot
    Format:Zipped AVI file
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    Arsenal were visiting the old enemy at White Hart Lane. Tottenham were simply demolished with a wonderful display of football. Alan Sunderland scored a hat-trick, Frank Stapleton added another (which by the way was almost identical to his goal in the FA Cup Final later in the season), and LIAM BRADY scored this CLASSIC goal. A 5-0 victory can bring joy and happiness to the heart, but a 5-0 victory against our North London neighbours on their own turf brings "oh sooo much more". All I can say is enjoy..............

    Classic Goal 3
    Classic Goal.  Charlie George 08/05/71
    Date:8th of May 1971
    Scorer:Charlie George
    Game:Arsenal v Liverpool (FA Cup Final)
    Type:25 yard Looping Shot
    Format:Zipped AVI file
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    The third goal that I have chosen was scored on the 8th May 1971. Arsenal had secured the Football League Championship five days earlier at White Hart Lane, and were drawing 1-1 with Liverpool in extra time during the 1970-71 FA Cup Final. With only a few minutes to go, CHARLIE GEORGE let loose a shot from the edge of the Liverpool penalty area that gave Ray Clemence in the Liverpool goalmouth no chance whatsoever. It had turned around a one goal deficit when Steve Highway scored early on in injury time to give Liverpool the lead (Eddie Kelly equalised for Arsenal). The goal secured the game 2-1, and brought the "oh-so-elusive" DOUBLE to North London. At the end of the game, even the referee dropped to his knees with the emotion of the day. It was the finest moment in Arsenal's history to that point, and (until Michael Thomas' goal in 1989) the single most recognisable moment in Arsenal's history.

    Classic Goal 4
    Classic Goal.  Alan Sunderland 12/05/79
    Date:12th of May 1979
    Scorer:Alan Sunderland
    Game:Arsenal v Manchester United (FA Cup Final)
    Type:Far post Slide-In
    Format:Zipped AVI file
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    Certain moments indelibly etch themselves into history, the last minute of the 1979 FA Cup Final against Manchester United was one of those moments. They seem to fill the Arsenal history, moments of sheer bliss. "There's a minute left on the click, Brady for Arsenal.....right across..... Sunderland.. it's there." Words that still bring shivers to my spine today. Due to the close proximity of the the Charlie George goal above, it may seem like I am frivolous with the historic sentiments, but these are facets of what makes Arsenal the love of my life, and probably yours too. The scene was set, 2-2, with Arsenal seemingly squandering a match-winning 2 goal lead when Brady went on one of his most memorable forays upfield. The rest, well, the rest is "Roy Of The Rovers" material, and the ten most memorable seconds of ALAN SUNDERLAND'S life.....

    Classic Goal 5
    Classic Goal.  Alan Smith 04/05/94
    Date:4th May 1994
    Scorer:Alan Smith
    Game:Arsenal v Parma (ECW Cup Final)
    Type:Exquisite Volley
    Format:Zipped AVI file
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    Arsenal had returned to Europe, and were out to vanquish the memories of a night 14 years earlier when the European Cup Winners Cup (same competition) had left the supporters and Graham Rix (in particular) on the verge of greatness. The Cup victory against Parma brought Arsenal's second European trophy to The Home Of Football and ALAN SMITH'S goal was quite spectacular befitting both the venue and the occasion. The result was of course a 1-0 victory, and the Highbury terraces have been ringing with the chants of "One-Nil to the Arsenal" since that day.....

    Classic Goal 6
    Classic Goal.  Michael Thomas 26/05/89
    Date:26th May 1989
    Scorer:Michael Thomas
    Game:Liverpool v Arsenal
    Type:Running Shot
    Format:Zipped AVI file
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    Moments before this video starts, a certain Liverpool player uttered the words "One Minute" to re-assure his team-mates that the 1989 League Championship is a mere 60 seconds away from Liverpool's' grasp. What Steve McMahon didn't know was that within 2 minutes the words, "Arsenal come streaming forward now in surely what will be their last attack. A good ball by Dixon ... finding Smith, for Thomas charging through the midfield..... Thomas, it's up for grabs NOWWwww THOMASSSSSS" Would etch themselves not only in the memory of ALL Arsenal supporters, but football supporters worldwide, as MICHEAL THOMAS snatched the Championship from Liverpool two minutes into injury time of the very last game of the season. The goal leveled both teams on games won, lost and drawn with goal difference for both teams being equal. Arsenal however claimed the Championship on more goals scored.

    Classic Goal 7
    Classic Goal.  Charlie Nicholas 21/04/84
    Date:21st April 1984
    Scorer:Charlie Nicholas
    Game:Arsenal v Tottenham
    Type:Dribble and Shot
    Format:Zipped AVI file
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    Once again, a brilliant piece of individual class is only surpassed by the fact that it was scored against Tottenham in an ohh-so-glorius 3-2 victory. CHARLIE NICHOLAS receives the ball at the edge of the Tottenham penalty area. He looks up and sees about 20 players between him and the goal. He puts his head down, starts dribbling and running, the next time he raises his head is to receive the adoration of a North Bank crowd about 30 seconds away from a rendition of "Same old Arsenal taking the piss.............."

    If you look carefully, I'm sure at one point you see him go around the same Tottenham player 3 times before he combs his hair, downs a pint, shags a girl and then puts the ball into the net. He may not have scored many, but some of them were well worth the wait.

    Classic Goal 12
    Classic Goal.  David Rocastle 04/03/87
    Date:4th March 1987
    Scorer:David Rocastle
    Game:Tottenham v Arsenal
    Type:Goalmouth scramble
    Format:Zipped MPG file
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    Certain moments stand out in history, one of those moments was a huge turning-point in Arsenal history. Without a trophy since 1979 and looking completely lacklutre in the 80's George Graham took over, and in his first year we found ourselves in the Semi-Finals of the Footballo League (Littlewoods) Cup against North London neighbours Tottenham. We lost the first leg 1-0 and came from behind to win the second leg 2-1. With the tie drawn, the referee tossed the coin on a wet and dreary night and looked in awe as it landed on it's edge, the resulting second toss took the tie to White Hart Lane. Once again Arsenal went one down, with Ian Allinson scoring the equaliser in the second half. As time ticked away, a goalmouth scramble in the last minutes of the game saw DAVID ROCASTLE pop-up in the Spurs area, "Rocky" controlled the loose ball, stepped around a defender and the rest (as they say) is history. Arsenal won the game, and went on to come from a goal behind to win the Final against Liverpool. David "Rocky" Rocastle, we salute you!"

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